Ohio-based hard rock band Along Came A Spider released their cover of the emo classic “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” by My Chemical Romance. Their rendition is almost note-for-note and is a very well done tribute to the emo legends.

About doing a straight-forward cover, drummer Tony Castillo stated:
“We know MCR is hollowed ground – it’s like doing Queen or Zeppelin. We wanted to do it right, without some wild metal re-telling. This is more of a tribute than anything.”

Hailing from Cleveland, the band consists of Jamie Miller (vocals), Luke Fockler (guitar), Joel Sedlak (keyboard), John Calo (bass), and Tony Castillo (drums). They toured heavily from 2012 through 2017, which lead them to being dubbed “one to watch” by Alternative Press. Known for their energetic live performance and extreme work ethic, they have toured in 30 states and regionally supported the likes of Asking Alexandria, Story Of The Year, Andrew W.K., and Beartooth. They have also made several appearances at festivals such as Monster Outbreak and Rockapalooza.

Managed by Nicholas Mishko of 10 & 8 Management, the band’s last release “Galaxy Eyes” garnered over 110,000 streams. Along Came A Spider is slated to release their forthcoming third LP, which was produced by Evan McKeever, in 2020.