Although rooted in pop-punk, New Jersey-based band Dumpweed injected a darker throwback AFI vibe into their new single “Commitment Is A Dirty Word”. They also released a music video for the track and their EP ‘The Golden Snake’.

About the single, vocalist Eric Palermo stated:
“[It] is a battle between a mother and father dealing with the pain they’ve caused each other. It’s destructive and chaotic and it shows the domestic struggles many married couples have. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, people mistreat and hurt each other. Here’s our interpretation of how that feels and the damage it does to both the people involved and the world around them.”

The song portrays the pain a child witnesses when they realize their parents aren’t perfect and the coping mechanisms associated with that pain. It also fits in with a larger theme of the record, consisting of domestic issues and how they affect both married couples and their children.

In the two years since Dumpweed formed, they have spent countless nights playing basement shows and have shared the stage with the likes of Black Flag, Madball, Agent Orange, Murphy’s Law, and Leeway. With influences ranging from old school punk, hardcore, emo, and everything in between, they write songs about growing up and facing both social and internal issues.

Photo Credit: Jeff Coverstone