New Age Connect was created to help build networking relationships between bands/musicians and with outlets (photography, merch retailers, press, etc.) in Ohio and the surrounding states. The group will host monthly shows that will vary in genre. The first will be held on February 22nd, 2020 at Flannagan’s Dublin in Columbus and will feature Atimera, Faith in Failure, The Lost Boys Collective, Glassworld (Cincinnati), and Titans in Time (Cleveland).

All questions were answered by Mike Colletti.

Q: When did you create New Age Connect, and what was the inspiration behind its creation?

A: It was created around three months ago. The inspiration came from years on years of exposure dealing with promotion companies and venues in the Columbus scene. I’ve seen bands come and go and have been watching and listening over the years on how musicians operate. It came to my attention how much talent there is in Columbus and surrounding cities that lack the resources or know how to reach that next level of success. Whereas I don’t claim to have the answers, I strived to get them in front of those who do and to help them foster working and healthy relationships. Knowing this goal was a stretch to accomplish alone, I brought in both Andy and Hope.

Q: In more detail, what is the purpose of the group? What is your mission?

A: As our moto states “Connect Outlets, Network Together, Create Opportunity”. To go into detail on the first objective “connect outlets”, we hope to connect musicians to outlets such as photography, videography, merch retailers, audio engineers, graphic designers, etc. The second objective of “network together”, we aim to have musicians network in and out of town with other musicians. We accomplish this by putting them in their element with the show acting as an interview and networking hub. The third objective “create opportunity” encompasses the first two objectives. By utilizing outlets and networking, we hopefully create more opportunities for musicians than they may not have had before this connection.

Q: How has the reception been so far?

A: The first show was drafted with all bands excited to be a part of it. The public traction will pick up as bands see its potential. I see too often bands playing shows with little benefit. It seems to be rare that those in the industry genuinely care about a musician’s development as they just need bands to be utilized and their growth isn’t their concern, so when bands see our success knowing we don’t profit off our shows at all and that we care about progression of musicians its popularity will quickly increase.

Q: What services are you looking to provide? Are you looking to bring in companies?

A: Yes, we hope to bring in any and all music industry roles that could help musicians in any fashion.

Q: According to your Facebook page, you will be hosting shows once per month to foster your mission. When is your first show? Can you tell me more about it?

A: That is correct! The first show is on February 22nd, 2020. Bands featured are Atimera, Faith in Failure, The Lost Boys Collective, Glassworld (Cincinnati), and Titans in Time (Cleveland) with support roles also in attendance.

Q: How did you select the bands to join your band Atimera on the first show?

A: The headliner was chosen, bands were asked who would want to network with them, and the band was asked who they would want to network with. Bands were vetted by that criteria and genre.

Q: Is there a certain musical genre or set of genres you are aiming toward?

A: The goal is to alternate genres every show. Starting heavy then lighter with the 4th month being a genre mixer called the “NAC Catalina Music Mixer”.

Q: What is the distance range you are looking to network within?

A: All of Ohio and surrounding states.

Q: For bands that are interested, how can they get in touch with you to participate?

A: Either our Facebook page or

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to touch on that I did not cover?

A: A lot of the success of this will rely heavily on bands, fans, and support roles helping propel this forward. We are looking to set the precedence of how the scene should operate to work together to help musicians get ahead instead of working against ourselves. The power of knowledge and networking and ability to utilize resources will help us achieve these goals. We hope every musician that takes the time to read this will share it and the message will stick. We hope everyone can get behind this.