New Jersey’s indie/emo band Pointless released their new single “Half Empty” along with its music video, which was shot by Sirius Cinema. The track was engineered and produced by Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard), Ace Enders (The Early November), and Dom Maggi (1313) at The Lumberyard Recording.

About the track, guitarist/vocalist Justin Monturano stated:
“We have been growing and maturing as a band the same way we do in life every day. Every day we wake up, we try to be better than who we were yesterday. Whether we’re better or not, the effort is definitely there. This is our favorite track we’ve done so far and think it’s our best. We’re very excited to share it with everyone and the writing continues. We’ve been asked what this song means. Though there is definitely a specific meaning to it, it is open-ended to everyone who listens to it. After it becomes its own entity, I don’t think it has one sole meaning. But what I will say is that we just want to be there for people the same way music was there for us.”

Since 2017, the band has released two Eps (‘Dust’ in 2017 and ‘Glow in 2018) as well as the singles “No Chances” (2019) and “Half Empty”. The band currently has four music videos, all shot and engineered by Kurt Fowles of Sirius Cinema and Sirius Coffee Co., including the new release.