New York-based pop-punk band Ronx released their new single “Roses”, which discusses post-breakup difficulties as well as letting go of the past and moving forward.

About the song, vocalist/guitarist Miguel Vasquez stated:
“It’s okay to let go of what’s holding you back. You first have to express how you feel and come to terms to it in your own way. It takes time to feel like yourself again. Once you let go of your feelings and realize that things happen for a reason, you’ve just set yourself free for life.”

After a breakup, it’s common to reminisce about the past, miss the person you were with, and have a hard time moving on right away. The verses of “Roses” portray the feelings of missing the person you were with and how the thoughts and memories of that person and relationship linger on your mind for a long time and feel as though they may never go away. The chorus puts a positive spin on a rough situation and acts as a message to the person you’re leaving behind as you declare you’re moving on and letting them and your past with them stay in the past. The lyrics send a positive message while the energetic instrumentals and raw (sometimes shouted) vocals bring plenty of passion and emotion to the track to help get that message across to the listener.

Ronx is a three-piece pop punk band coming from Bronx, NY. The members are Miguel Vasquez (vocals/guitar), Joshua Reguillo (bass/vocals), and Dave Rivera (drums). Influenced by bands such as Neck Deep and blink-182, they use energetic instrumentation, memorable melodies, and honest lyrics to craft a familiar sound. The band aims to spread a positive message and let listeners know that they are never alone in anything that they may be going through and that they can overcome any obstacles they face in their life.

Photo Credit: Daniel Diaz

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