California-based rock band Heart to Heart signed with InVogue Records. They have also released a music video for their new single “Insufferable”, which will be available everywhere January 10th, and their new EP ‘Heartbreaker’ will be dropping in the coming months.

Pre-save the single here:

About “Insufferable” sounding like the dissolving of a relationship, frontman Nick Zoppo stated:
“It was literally what we were going through at the time. I am telling the story as it happens — we were breaking up while I was in the studio. I’m speaking my mind and not holding anything back.”

About the upcoming EP, he stated:
“Heartbreaker is a new, completely different, mature sound for Heart to Heart. This record means the most to me, especially lyrically. I think of real pain in my life that I connect to music, and that’s what I draw on when writing lyrics.”

Continuing, he stated:
“We really took our time and tried a lot of different things we haven’t done musically before. New vocal techniques, harmonies, guitar overlays… We were in the studio for months, because we knew Heartbreaker had to be something incredible. Everyone here has a lot of shit on the line. We all really want to be our best.”

Heart to Heart is comprised of Nick Zoppo (vocals), Johnathan Hayes (guitar/vocals), Alex Lulow (guitar/vocals), Justin Bratcher (bass), and AJ Wright (drums). The band formed a decade ago and has toured North America many times. Even though the band cultivated a dedicated following and released two stellar full-length albums, they slowly receded from the music scene and have been mostly dormant the past few years. This was due to frontman Nick Zoppo pursuing his other passion, which is professional wrestling, as his alter ego “Outlandish Zicky Dice”.

Inspired by his character, he returned to the band with a renewed passion, and his bandmates were just as excited to get back to work. The result is their six-song release ‘Heartbreaker’ that is as musically aggressive as it is inherently melodic. They are older and wiser and they carry a few more physical and emotional scars, but their musicianship is more advanced than it’s ever been. The upcoming EP will be Heart to Heart’s reintroduction, and they are ready to kick the listener in the face sonically.