Detroit-based hardcore band Smash Your Enemies released their EP ‘Become Death’ in October via Upstate Records. Fervently welcomed, a sold out release show was held on Devil’s Night in the band’s hometown.

Purchase the EP here:

Smash Your Enemies was born from the lineage of Detroit’s hardcore band Cold As Life, and they continue to sustain the brutal legacy that had been cultivated. The band consists of Brandon (vocals), Jesse (vocals), Terry (guitar), John (guitar), Matt (bass), and Miles (drums). Their new EP ‘Become Death’ was mixed by Andy Nelson (Jesus Piece/Harms Way) at Bricktop Recording and mastered by Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore/King 810). The vocals for the release were recorded by Tone Rizzo at Sound Smith Studios.

‘Become Death’ features six songs that blaze as they demand your attention. The first track “Murder City Kings” may only be a minute in length but don’t count it out. Like a crowd opening a pit, it sets the scene and gives you a clear example of what you’re going to get from the band that hails from the Murder City. Coming in hard, “Driven By Hate” starts with chanting “driven by hate” and shows no mercy as it bombards the listener. The barrage continues with “Ear To The Streets” in battle cries and pounding drums that are sure to incite crowds. The title track “Become Death” has a bouncy feel to its heavy hard-hitting fury. In my personal opinion, it’s the stand out on this release. Up next is “Sick World” and by stating “sick of the world” it delivers a sentiment that many of us have shared at some point, and I’m sure it will get a raging response when played live. The blistering EP closes with “Bloodshed”, which is full of lyrics like “you brought this down on yourself” and “river of blood”. It may be the most violent track on the release, and it shows what this band is truly capable of producing both sonically and lyrically.

Smash Your Enemies brought listeners an EP full of brutality and power with ‘Become Death’. It may be less than 14 minutes long in total, but it demands to be heard the whole way through. With intensity burning in every song, the band has created a collection that will fuel energy of crowds while boldly showcasing their own Murder City mentality.

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