New York-based band Another Day’s Armor released the music video for their single “Underneath”. They pride themselves on standing out from the crowd both visually and musically.

About the song and video, vocalist Daemien Drake stated:
“We wanted to go with a different approach for this song and music video. In a time where there is such an overflow of music and content being released the last thing we wanted to do is be predictable with our new product. The video is dark and maniacal but also depressing in a way due to the main character not knowing how to express his affection in a normal way.”

The band consists of Daemien Drake (vocals), Nick Palma (lead guitar), Brian Kang (rhythm guitar), Joe Grunski (bass), and Alec Keshishian (drums). Their sound is heavy with metal roots and musicianship that could just as easily be at home in an arena as a rock club. They started to create a buzz with their debut singles “Reflections” and “Simple As Sin”. In January of 2019, they released their latest EP ‘Phoenix’.

Another Day’s Armor refuses to be just another faceless band and want their fans to feel connected to every member.