Supporting the local music scene can sometimes feel like weeding through the flower garden; you know the flowers are in there, but don’t necessarily want to put in the effort to sift through the weeds. Fear not, because I’m here to do that work for you.

Who Is It?

Just a few months ago, I was introduced to a local gem from the Columbus scene known (or unknown?) as Forever Unknown. The band consists of female lead vocalist: Micah Stromsoe DeLorenzo, guitarists: Blake Bennett and Jacob Hutmire, bassist: Sully Gerdeman, and drummer: Evan Pond.

What Makes YOU So Special?

Though they may be young, Forever Unknown isn’t just your local neighborhood band jamming in the garage and disturbing the peace. These young adults have crafted their own unique sound in their music, mixing elements of alternative rock, indie rock, and even the welcomed occasional elements of shoegazing. One of the most notable aspects to the band is the powerful vocals of Micah. Through their groovy beats and hard-hitting guitar riffs, they’ll have you dancing and jumping along to their songs before you know it.

With their unique sound in hand, the band has worked their way into the Columbus music scene, playing shows at notable venues such as Ace of cups, Big Room Bar, A&R Music Bar, and Skully’s Music and Diner. The band also won the statewide GROOVE U battle of high school bands last year, helping them to create the “Study Hall” EP and music video for their song, “Wonder Emporium” at GROOVE U in Dublin, Ohio. Clearly, this group is not your everyday garage band.

What Should I Listen To?

So, I’ve dug through the weeds and found the flower for you. Now you’re not sure what to do next. Take a deep breath, and I’ll continue to walk you through it. There have been times where I’ve been recommended a new band to listen to, only to pick out their worst songs and sully my image of them, so I’ve taken the liberty of shielding you from that pain. While I didn’t find any songs that I disliked from Forever Unknown, there are certainly a few tracks that stuck out to me (that I played on loop about ten times each).

The first of my favorites is “Six” from their “Study Hall” EP as it provides a perfect depiction of this band’s unique sound. Another great jam (and by far their most popular) is their single, “Pyramid Scheme.” This song has raked in well over 4,000 listens on Spotify since its release and is impossible not to rock out too. Finally, “Wonder Emporium” another hit off their latest album comes in at the top of my charts. The song brings a fun energy to the genre than can often be lacking and really shows off the band’s talent for songwriting. Together, these songs showcase the band well and are difficult for fans of the genre to not enjoy.

Final Thoughts

While their age can raise some concern for the longevity of the band, these young adults have already proven that they have the determination, tenacity, and talent to go the mile. Their unique sound puts them in a great position within the industry and will help them stand out amongst others. I believe that with the right management behind them, Forever Unknown can continue to grow and find even greater success within a crowded industry. In the meantime, give them a listen and help support a local gem!

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