North Carolina-based pop-rock band High Shores will release their new single “Ready To Fall” on February 28th. They create a fresh new sound blending synthesizers and distorted guitars with hard-hitting vocals.

About “Ready To Fall”, vocalist Amanda Timothy stated:
“[The single] is about forgiving either the person you’re with or forgiving the person who hurt you — being able to forgive and move on from it because you can’t be ready to love until you forgive the pain. I went through so many ups and downs with past relationships, and I got to the point I just wanted to love and be loved. I was ready to fall.”

The band consists of Amanda Timothy (vocals), Kayla Wimert (drums), and Carter Harris (guitar/keys). Friendship is at the forefront of their identity as well as the mission of making a positive impact with each release. With the help of their producer Wes Lauterbach (of electro-rock band LOWBORN), they are determined to dominate the North Carolina scene with track hooks fit for mainstream radio.