Jack White recently took the time to answer some of my questions about Get Even Entertainment. The artist management company takes pride in caring about the success of the clients they represent, which currently includes Go For Gold, Patient Sixty-Seven, RAGS AND RICHES, Lilac Kings, and more.

All questions were answered by Jack White, owner and founder of Get Even Entertainment.

Q: So let’s start with some background. What is the story behind Get Even Entertainment? Why did you decide to start the company?

A: Honestly it’s a bit of a whirlwind. I had left my job working in television in August 2018 and I had no clue what to do next, I was just really unhappy doing what I was doing. Then one of my oldest friends called me a few weeks later having known that I had quit and asking if I wanted to manage a band with him. He was in business management and I worked in artist management so it was a natural fit. I started touring when I was 14 years old or so and had managed a few bands so I knew how to play the game to some extent I guess. I named the company Get Even for two reasons: I love Mickey Avalon and he has a song called “Get Even” that I thought was awesome. The chorus is “I don’t get mad, I get even” and that really stuck with me, particularly after I left LA just sort of full of anger and whatnot, but whatever. The original band we initially signed left, as did my business partner, but I’m not upset whatsoever about any of it – I still talk to them on a regular basis and we remain friends. But I can’t thank them enough because it snowballed into what it’s become today. I became really connected in the Midwest music scene at the perfect time. I work with the most amazing people and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

Q: How has the company evolved since it was started?

A: As mentioned, it started out with just one band and then kind of exploded. I’d like to thank Anthony Castleberry of Perennial Talent Agency for a lot of this since he connected me with so many people in the Tulsa music scene and it sort of went from there. I was really worried for awhile after my business partner left, but I’ve since found an amazing group of people that have helped me maintain my sanity.

Q: What services do you offer to an artist or band? In other words, how do you make their lives easier?

A: To be honest, anything and everything. If they want something to happen, I’ll find a way to do it. If they want to go to New Zealand, I’ll find an agent that can help. If they need an accountant, I’ll find them one. I’ll bend over backwards for anyone I work with. I’ll talk them through anything. I care about everyone on a personal level and I think that’s a lot of what missing in this industry today.

Q: Who is currently on your roster?

A: Only the best.

Q: Go For Gold recently signed with InVogue Records and released a new single. Do they have any more exciting plans or things that they are looking to accomplish this year that you are able to share?

A: They have the best EP that I’ve heard in YEARS coming out Spring/Summer. We’re putting together a big year for the guys and the music they’re writing is just so awesome.

Q: There have been multiple other releases from your clients recently. Lilac Kings just dropped their new single and RAGS AND RICHES did too. Plus, Patient Sixty-Seven is about to put out an EP. Are there any other exciting things going on currently or in the near future?

A: Honestly, absolutely everyone. Fate’s Got A Driver is working on a new record, Corusco will be releasing a new one soon under a new name (TBA), CLIFFDIVER is already working on new material, Lauren Rocket just sent me some amazing work, FFN, NeoRomantics, and I believe my colleague Lexi Rodriguez is helping her client World Dad Ever! adopt a koala in Australia following the fires. Really everyone, but if I listed everything it would be a very long list.

Q: Just as a fun question, who would you dream of working with or having collaborate with one of your clients?

A: Mark Hoppus. Hands down. I’d also like to personally search for UFO’s with Tom Delonge.

Q: Are you looking to add to your roster? If so, for artists and bands that may be interested in joining, how would they go about getting ahold of you and your team?

A: We’re always looking to work with new artists. I brought on a group of young and hungry talent managers that want to take on the world. If you are an artist you can always just contact me at jwhite@getevenentertainment.com. I’ll distribute amongst the team and see if it’s a fit. We’re always down to take chances, and that’s what I’ve always wanted to give people. So many amazing, talented people are just never given a shot and that what we want to afford them.

Q: In terms of the company, are there any specific genres you’re most interested in, or are you open to a wide range of music?

A: It’s relatively open, so to speak. We work with mainly pop-punk/rock/pop-rock/emo-pop artists but do venture out. Lauren Rocket is the best example; I heard her and instantly thought that it could be huge and absolutely loved it. It’s on a case by case basis – I feel like I have a good ear and know good music, and good music needs to be heard.

Q: What are your short-term and long-term goals for Get Even Entertainment?

A: I just want to make all of our clients successful, and that’s the long and short of it, it’s all I care about. If I have to live in a one-bedroom apartment my entire life, I don’t care. I care about the people I work for and only want the best for them.