Pittsburgh-based hard rock band NeverWake released the music video for their single “Call Out My Name” via Melodic Revolution Records. They are currently in the process of completing their EP ‘Misguided’, which is being produced by John Moyer of Disturbed.

About the single, vocalist/guitarist Johnny DiCarlo stated:
“The song is about burying and leaving something behind. Something that could call back to you, but you’ve moved on and can’t be influenced over it anymore. For some of us, it’s toxic relationships, for others, it’s addiction, and the list could go on. We’ve all got something that we’ve left behind for one reason or another, calling us back. But if we remember the reason we buried it, it’s easier to ignore.”

About the video, he stated:
“The video was actually shot and produced by my company The Presenters. We also had some camera and production help from my friend James Watson, who actually used to be in NW. We built that set in the basement of the house I grew up in. Actually a lot of our older music was created in that basement now that I think of it. A few of the guys in the band are pretty big gamers. The set for this video was actually inspired by a video game I played back in college. In the game I remember walking in a room and stopping to admire my surroundings. The walls were draped in an elegant red, there were pieces of art here and there. So we made a similar area. Draped the walls, scattered some gold and brass elements around, added some older antiques. In a way I think it worked great. You’ve got these guys surrounded by relics of the past and junk collected at various times doing something new.”

The band consists of Johnny DiCarlo (vocals/guitar), Marcus Giannamore (drums/vocals), George Scott (bass/vocals), and Justin Sanford (guitar/vocals). Their sound is a dark take on hard rock and mixes rock and metal elements to create captivating melodies, dark guitar harmonies, and head-banging grooves. Their melodic vocals pull the listener into a haunting trance which is then awakened with explosive guitar work with the foundation of strong bass and drum performances.