Illinois-based band Orinoco released their new live music video for their latest single “Weak”. The no frills video captures the band in their sludgy element as they thrash the stage. Their EP ‘What A Relief’ is set to be released on March 1st.

About the upcoming EP, vocalist Anthony Guardiola stated:
“’What A Relief’ is the start of a new era for Orinoco. This EP is a mixture of influences and raw ideas that are sure to grab hold of the listener. Never the less we are still heavy as concrete with breakdowns that could shatter a diamond. We put as much energy into this EP as we do our live shows and promise to not disappoint. It’s been a long journey for us but we love what we do and we love creating music that you can feel to your core, so buckle up let your hate out and enjoy the relief!”

The track is cavernous with classic doom guitar licks, beefy breakdowns, and a whole heap of aggression. In the video, the band gets personal with their audience and gives the viewer a taste of their raw live show.

Coined after an episode of Beavis and Butt-Head, the band formed in 2011 and immediately began hitting the scene hard. They have reconstructed throughout the years but have not lost their focus or determination.

Photo Credit: Dark Trix Photography