Brooklyn-based alternative/indie project Balcony Talk released their new EP ‘Calendar Daze’. Featuring the track “Iamlostwithoutyou”, the EP is an honest collection centralized around the loneliness and forgetfulness that come with getting stuck in routine.

Stream/Download ‘Calendar Daze’ here:

About the EP, Balcony Talk states:
“The meaning of Calendar Daze is how easy it can be to get caught up in our daily work routine as we essentially live by the calendar. Sometimes forgetting what’s really important in our personal lives and investing so much, we become selfish and overlook the people we care about when they need us. We get caught up in a ‘Calendar Daze’.”

Founded by Anthony Cafiero, the name Balcony Talk is a term he created that refers those deep and honest conversations you have with a friend or stranger that help you come to a realization. Being his side project, he released Balcony Talk’s first EP ‘Birdhouse’ while simultaneously pursuing his other band. Soon after leaving his previous band in late 2019, he took this project much more seriously. Although he never truly considered himself much of a singer/songwriter, he took the role as his love for the project grew to be his top priority. What he discovered and prides about his songwriting is his ability to create raw and honest music.

The release of ‘Calendar Daze’ solidifies Balcony Talk’s place as an up-and-coming alternative/indie act that stands firm in their introspection by taking a unique, intimate approach to their lyricism.

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