The alt-pop outfit Cardiac Half released their new single “Medicine” along with its music video. The song channels themes of internal struggle, doubt, and redemption, and the video introduces the viewer to the band’s post-apocalyptic cinematic universe.

About the single, Cardiac Half stated:
“We wanted the song to be open to interpretation for the listener. Perhaps it could be a song about the risk of romance and letting someone get close, maybe not trusting people. For us personally, ‘Medicine’ represents critical choices that we’ll be faced with throughout our lives and the repercussions of those choices. Every action has a consequence, positive or negative. There’s an internal struggle between good and evil that we tried to portray within the post-apocalyptic universe of the song and video.”

Making music together since 2016, siblings Drew and Dylan Miller form the duo. The name Cardiac Half holds significant meaning as Dylan lives with a heart condition, and Drew is deaf in his left ear. The group’s latest single sees them exploring a darker, more mature side of the alt-pop songwriting spectrum. Electronic soundscapes and eerie vocal delivery mesh with a singalong worthy chorus and radio ready production to create an offering that will feel familiar but not derivative.

Cardiac Half will continue to release music throughout 2020 that will expand on the story told in the music video for “Medicine”.