Tulsa-based indie-alternative band CLIFFDIVER released their new single “The Water Temple Is Filled With My Tears And Now I Am Drowning In Sorrow”. Their first ever vinyl, which includes their entire discography, is also now available.

Purchase the vinyl here: http://www.refreshrecs.com/products/664019-cliffdiver-discography

About the single, vocalist Joey Duffy stated:
“The song is about the existential dissonance that occurs if you choose to ignore your problems and just hope they go away.”

Bursting into the music-scene in 2018, the band is the sum total of the experience of the members that quickly added up to a tight and exciting sound. With versatility, their music vibrantly expands to include emo, pop, rock, punk, and more. Having members all holding their own and unified in their vision led the band to the official release of four creative and colorful cuts on their EP ‘Small Hours’. Immediately catching attention with fans and critics alike, the momentum grew rapidly with singles “You Sir, Are Obviously Not A Golfer” and “Teaching A Narwhal Empathy”. They followed up that released with their EP ‘At Your Own Risk’ in 2019, which included the singles “Cameron Diaz” and “Are You Still Seeing Graig, the Orthodontist?”. Proudly embracing their imaginative, dynamic sound and diving deep into their pool of talent to create music that makes a bold impact, they write unforgettable songs built to last with bulletproof hooks, amazing instrumentation, and a clear desire to share moments.

CLIFFDIVER’s new single “The Water Temple Is Filled With My Tears And Now I Am Drowning In Sorrow” reached over 1,000 streams within the first 12 hours after its release and has been added to Spotify’s New Punk Tracks playlist.

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