Solo artist and producer Pete Zen (of Jet Jaguar) is premiering his new single “Be My Motherfxcker” and its music video! The non-traditional love song, which officially drops on March 30th, is catchy and direct while providing some musical relief at a time when so many need it.

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About the single, Pete Zen stated:
“[It] is a song that was written and recorded in one sitting while the entire music industry took a nosedive because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Locked away in my room with all upcoming tour dates canceled, I decided to write a non-traditional love song, not beat around the bush and get straight to the point in a world that is overly confusing and frustrating right now. Let me be your mother fucker.”

From the outskirts of New York City in a small town in New Jersey, he has been a touring artist and songwriter since his early teen years. Having toured the U.S. in multiple bands over the years (Hang Tight previously and Jet Jaguar now), he has developed into a seasoned songwriter at still such a young age while working alongside the likes of Telltale and Three Cheers Too Late. With nods to the simplicity of youth while also dealing with heavy subject matter like the loss of loved ones and learning how to move on in life, he defines his sound as “nostalgic anti-pop”.

Pete Zen’s new track “Be My Motherfxcker” has just the right amount of bounce and heart while shining like a beam of sunlight through the window to add some warmth to this state of quarantine we’re currently facing.

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