Texas-based pop-punk band Moving Around released their new EP ‘Not Me Anymore’ on April 10th via Pulse Driving Records. The nostalgia drenched EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Cris Hunter Marshall at Tonal Recording Studio.

The band was formed in January of 2018 by their guitarist Aaron Zamora in Corpus Christi, Texas. After months of hard work, their first single “Lost Feelings” was released in November of 2018. The band’s first EP followed suit June 1st of the following year. Around this time, they went through a lineup change and added guitarist/vocalist Fernando Martinez and drummer Christian James Cano. The band quickly went back to the studio and recorded a new single titled “Content” with the help of guitarist Lando Arce of Growing Pains, a local band from Corpus Christi, Texas. That track was released in August of 2019, and since then, they have added their bassist Tommy Ynostroza to round out the band.

On April 10th of this year, the band released their second EP ‘Not Me Anymore’ via Pulse Driving Records. Each of the three songs speaks for itself while seamlessly fitting together. Drawing you in with the first few notes of “Patience”, you stick around to hear the song fill in a bit as it reaches the initial lyrics that state “I wish I had the patience that I had when I was a kid”. As the track goes on, it’s relatable and emo-tinged, so I was hooked. If you’re not paying close attention, the transition to the second track “Content” will happen without you even realizing it. As the song picks up, it’s full-on pop-punk that would easily have a crowd jumping at a show when the drums kick in. I sense blink-182 vibes, especially as the title (and final) track “Not Me Anymore” begins, and that is not a complaint in the slightest. This is the standout song, in my opinion. It has everything you want in a pop-punk single including a drum beat to get you jumping, guitars that make you want to dance, and catchy lyrics complete with gang vocals toward the end.

With driving yet bouncy guitars and lyrics that are relatable with a touch of emo, these tracks take me back to the days of waiting in line in the parking lot for Warped Tour and being approached by a band I had never heard before but took one listen and just had to buy their EP right then and there. If this three-track EP just wasn’t enough and leaves you wanting more, you’re in luck because Moving Around will be hitting the studio to work on their first full length album soon.

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