Detroit-based esoteric grunge band Possum Belly released a music video for their single “Name Your Price”. Produced by Hive Minds Media, the video was shot in an abandoned GM plant in Lansing, Michigan. The track was produced by Raydon Studio in Keego Harbor, Michigan.

About the “Name Your Price” and the video, the band stated:
“[The single] is about an old, weathered snake oil salesman whose remedies promise to satisfy your deepest longings but in fact have a dark, supernatural effect. The video beautifully captures these themes with images of vintage artifacts, an unsuspecting victim, and a snake that represents the source of the elixir. We hope you enjoy our story.”

The band’s unique sound draws from each member’s widely varying backgrounds, creating a hard edge with big melodic hooks and atmospheric passages. Possum Belly explores the usual personal themes of rock ‘n roll but with an arcane perspective, oftentimes tapping into the zeitgeist of weird Americana.