Sacramento-based hard rock band The Alpha Complex released their new single “Bad For You” and its music video. The track was mastered by none other than Taylor Larson (From First To Last/Asking Alexandria/The Word Alive).

About “Bad For You”, vocalist Michael Woodruff stated:
“[It] is a song that describes what happens when you stop blaming everyone else for your flaws and admit that you are actually the problem. The relationship is toxic but you have come to the realization that you are the one making it that way. Like oil and water, sometimes things just won’t mix no matter how hard you try.”

The band is comprised of Michael Woodruff (vocals), Kery Glennon (guitar), Travis Carrier (bass), and Matthew O’Connell (drums). Their highly energetic performance video for the new track makes the undeniable statement that they are a sheer juggernaut. Led by powerful vocals, the thunderous track swells and explodes into an arena-ready chorus that demands attention.

Photo Credit: Dana Willax