The pop-punk band The Second After released their new EP ‘Who Are Who We Are’ via Revival Recordings. The release was mixed by Seth Henderson (Real Friends/Knuckle Puck) and mastered by Kris Crummett (Mayday Parade/Homesafe).

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About the release, guitarist/vocalist Alfred Williamson stated:
“The EP theme is a play on a lyric from “Thinking Clear”, it says “we are who we are, and there’s no changing that”. It’s a short meaningful and positive lyric on being comfortable in your own skin. But we’re also a fun band and we all love October, so we worked in Halloween cartoon versions of us, overlayed on the colors from each single we’ve released. Even the tiniest details of this EP holds some kind of special significance if you look close enough.”

Following their debut EP, the band’s second EP ‘We Are Who We Are’ is a testament to self-acceptance and honoring your true spirit while remembering that everyone deals with demons and monsters inside of us. The EP artwork features each member as cartoon monsters and includes individual “monster bios” that deliver a quirky twist on their personalities.

The Second After is a group of four genuine souls that pour their personal experiences into each unique piece of music. Their vibe of familiarity wraps listeners in a bear hug and reminds each one that life’s hardships are just a bump in the road. Each single they put out narrates a similar story, a story of moving on. Their last two singles of 2019 (“A Very Pop-Punk Wedding” and “Riptide”) both serve as important stepping stones that lead seamlessly into 2020; the first about seeing a future with a dream girl and the latter on fighting out of a rut and into new goals. Their first two singles of 2020 (“Thinking Clear” and “Daily Ritual”) serve as the story’s next turning point, realizing that sometimes butterflies ended up being red flags instead and dealing with internal issues is worth the struggle.

Photo Credit: Alex Zarek

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