Cleveland-based metalcore band Dying Desolation released their new single “Parasite”, which features Christian Grey of Villain Of The Story, and its lyric video. Their new album ‘Paroxysm’ is due out on July 10th.

About the collaboration, vocalist/guitarist Gabe Gazic stated:
“Approaching Christian Grey was one of the first things we did when we started writing for this new EP. We had known about Villain of the Story for quite some time and we knew that we wanted Christian on one of our songs, so we decided to reach out to him via email to see if he’d be willing to collaborate with us. Thankfully, he was stoked to contribute to our song, and not just vocally. Through many conversations, constant exchanging of ideas, and several revisions, the outcome is something we’re all truly proud of.”

The pounding new track “Parasite”, produced by Scooter Fort of Rewire Recording Studio, keeps the energy high throughout with nary a second to breathe. On the whole, it’s a catchy, well-crafted assault that lands somewhere between the worlds of Slipknot and Bring Me The Horizon.

Most of the band is still fresh out of high school, but they’ve already released a full-length album and shared the stage with bands like Mushroomhead, Carnifex, and Texas Hippie Coalition. The name Dying Desolation actually holds an optimistic message of hope hidden behind the dark and edgy wording. This is an accurate reflection of the group’s music as it is heavy hitting metal with a positive message. The band’s goal since their formation in 2017 has been to give the listener experiences they’ll never forget.

Photo Credit: Vince Lundi