Houston-based alt-pop band Haunter released their new single “Miss Me” featuring R I L E Y. The track serves as a companion piece their previous single “Love You Better”, both connected by one common theme: love gone wrong.

About “Miss Me”, vocalist Lucy Lenoir stated:
“[It] was inspired by one of my exes telling me I would miss him after we broke up. With that line running through my head, I took that thought, and wrapped it around each of my past boyfriends that made an impact on me. One never called me, one never listened, and one just wasn’t strong enough to hold me up when I needed it. The verses are all about each of them individually as well. It’s kind of the story of my life.”

The new track was produced, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Smyth (I Prevail/Falling In Reverse/blessthefall). The band reached out to their friend alt-R&B artist R I L E Y to lend his talents to the track as well.

About the collaboration, guitarist Enoma Asowata stated:
“R I L E Y is just incredible. He’s not only a friend of ours but when we wrote the song we knew we wanted someone to bring a different vibe for the bridge. Immediately we all knew he was the only person for the job.”

The band is dedicated to creating substantial, thoughtful, uncompromising pop music and making genuine connections with listeners. Haunter plans to continue recording and releasing music throughout the year.

Photo: Taylor Foiles