New Jersey-based pop-rock band Jet Jaguar released their new single “The One”. The song looks into the failure of a past relationship that felt like the be-all-end-all, the last first kiss, the person who was supposed to be “the one”.

About “The One”, vocalist/guitarist Pete Zen stated:
“[It] is a song that dives into the topic of an on and off-again relationship, and how sometimes things just don’t work out.”

In this new charismatic single, the band explores a familiar feeling of heartbreak and vulnerability that pairs perfectly with Pete Zen’s soft, pleasant vocals and charming lyrics. Along with having upbeat, clean guitars and pop rhythms, “The One” is a windows-down pop-rock jam perfect for a summer road trip.

The band is known for intense, driving and lightning-like tunes made for anyone ready to party and enjoy rock n roll-inspired tunes. With heart smashing lyrics, tasteful bass-lines, ripping guitars and technical drumming, their collaborative performance will leave you with the feeling of heightened emotion, power, and sincere tension. They recently burst out of the gates with their debut single “Anvil” and its music video ahead of the release of this new single. Being influenced by hardcore and punk while adding their own rock n roll spin, Jet Jaguar brings a fresh, authentic, and original sound.

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