Dayton, Ohio-based pop-punk band Life In Idle released a new music video for their song “State of Mind”. They are set to release their new single “Hourglass” on May 22nd and recently released an acoustic version of their track “Paranoia”.

Pre-Save “Hourglass”:

The band’s single “State of Mind” is off of their debut album ‘She’s Out to Get Me’, which was recorded by Cody Eanes. The video features the band trying to break out of an ever-enclosing room of walls.

Their acoustic version of “Paranoia” was released on April 20th, and the original version is also from their debut album. The track is one of the most important to them because it brought them together and helped shape their album image and content.

On May 22nd, the band’s brand new single “Hourglass” is set to be released. The song is about running out of time when you need it most. The lyrics “this time I’m not coming back, I’m not coming back this time” are repeated and touch on learning from your mistakes and moving on from the past. They opened their set at 2019’s annual Dayton Is For Lovers show (hosted by Hawthorne Heights) with this song and are excited to share it with everyone.

Formed in 2011, Life In Idle was born from genuine friendships and a desire to be able to make music with which each member connects. They love the music they create, the shows they play, and the people that support them along the way.