Upstate Records announced the first ever Family and Friends Fest featuring heavy, metallic hardcore including Subzero, Leeway, Downswing, These Streets, Brick By Brick, and more. It will take place August 21st-23rd in Albany, New York in collaboration with Upstate Black N Blue and Upstate Concert Hall.

Purchase Tickets Here:

Ticket Information:
Three Day VIP Passes are $30 (Advance Tickets Only) – Comes with exclusive FFF ’20 CD
Advance Single Day Passes – $15
Day of Show Pass – $20

About the fest, Upstate Records owner Mario Cangemi stated:
“An Upstate Records Fest has been talked and talked about for the last couple of years.  An innocent Facebook message was the catalyst to “make it happen”.  After a few messages to our bands and to Mike Valente (Brick By Brick/Upstate Black N Blue), everything came together quickly.  It first started out as a single day event and rapidly turned into three days.  Understandably, there is concern about the fest. However, current projections are that the lockdown in NY for arts and entertainment will be lifted around the beginning of August.  As long as the projections hold true, we are confident the Fest will continue as planned.  Everyone’s health and safety are of the utmost priority.  This Fest is all about Family and Friends.  We all deserve it!”

Adding, Mike Valente (Brick By Brick/Upstate Black N Blue) stated:
“During these trying “Covid times”, music has been stolen from us. This is the lifeblood for many, like me. On August 21, 22, & 23, I hope that we can take a part of our lives back. I know that there is a chance this will get postponed, but if it happens, it will be a dream come true for Brick By Brick. Just seeing so many friends for a great get together like this.  It’s not a show for me, it’s an escape. This will be one of three shows that BxB has planned. Let’s all meet up for a beer that weekend! I never thought I’d miss all your stupid faces so much!”

The fest will feature Upstate Records bands as well as good friends of the label. The wide range of talent will include NYHC legends Subzero and Leeway NYC, Upstate hometown faves Brick By Brick and Downswing, California’s These Streets and Arcline, Detroit’s Ante Up and Smash Your Enemies, and a bunch more.

Upstate Records Family and Friends Fest Line-Up

Friday August 21st:
Leeway (NYC)
Kings Never Die (NYC)
Iron Price (MD)
Arcline (CA)
From Within (NY)
Violent By Design (NY)
Close To Nothing (NY)

Saturday August 22nd:
Downswing (NY)
These Streets (CA) – ‘Expect The Worst’ CD Release Show
Ante Up (Detroit)
Departed (NJ)
Bushido Code (PA)
Gloves Off (PA)
Before I Had Wings (MA)
Threat 2 Society (NJ)
Inner Turmoil (PA)
Hurtpiece (PA)
Ripped Away (PA)
xForgiveness Deniedx (MA)

Sunday August 23rd:
Subzero (NYC)
Brick By Brick (NY)
Smash Your Enemies (Detroit)
Concrete (NY)
Dead Man’s Chest (UK)
Balor (NY)
No Mercy (NJ)
Forced Under (PA)
Buried (NY)

Further information contact:

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