Utah-based band Properties of Nature released their debut album ‘Wolves in Business Suits’. Produced by Dryw Owens (Dance Gavin Dance/A Lot Like Birds/Hail The Sun), the record is a progressive rock adventure featuring intricate guitarwork topped off with catchy hooks.

About the album, guitarist/songwriter Canyon Maloy stated:
“This record was something that we’ve always known was going to be the first stepping stone down what will be (hopefully) a very long path for us. We named it ‘Wolves in Business Suits’ for a specific reason too; wolves are mildly okay smarts-wise but the idea of them putting on suits and pretending like they know what the hell they’re doing seemed to fit us well at the time.”

The band consists of vocalist Josh Fraser, guitarists Gabe Cloud and Canyon Maloy, bassist Thomas Heath, and drummer Kade Perrin. Through the influence of bands like Dance Gavin Dance, Hail the Sun, and A Lot Like Birds, Properties of Nature was formed over four years ago with the desire to not only fit into the genre but also stand out by providing music with varying styles and sound track after track.

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