Los Angeles-based (other planet-born) alt-pop artist Lauren Rocket is releasing her new single “Beam Me Up” and its music video via Substream Records. With lyrics calling out to a cosmic home and her eccentric take on life here on Earth, the entertaining and dance-worthy track leaves us all wondering – what is it like on the Land of Iguana?

About the single and video, Lauren Rocket stated:
““Beam Me Up” is a song that I wrote and produced with my friend producer/writer Linus Dotson. I wanted to write something fun and vibey that basically conveys how I feel daily: that I don’t belong on this earth. I am a seeker of truth, and I strongly believe we are not the only life in the universe. Maybe my home is in the stars? Maybe that’s where I belong? Maybe we will never know in this lifetime. But I think this can be an anthem for those who feel the same: seekers who want to know more about this thing called life and why we are here. I made the video with director Kansas Bowling, she’s a genius and I feel really matched the visuals to the concept. The concept is basically I was dropped here on earth, trying to figure out how to fit in and be “human”, all while wanting to find my way home to the stars. It’s my favorite music video I’ve made to date!”

From the moment the video begins, there’s no question that Lauren Rocket is the subject of observation of some sort. If you weren’t already on board, the first line “it was a good trip, but I gotta get back up to the Land of Iguana” gives you a pretty good idea of the intergalactic plot. Unsure of her surroundings, she gets up and starts to explore her environment and even her own self-image. As the chorus comes in, it shines just like the cosmic bright lights and her bright laser eyes. You’ll find yourself singing along, maybe even dancing, entranced to see what is to come next.

As the second verse comes in with that vibing beat, she finds herself in a casino. What might an alien from a reptilian homeland do to fit in at a place like that? Discovering lottery tickets, she finds herself wearing a scale-like dress fashioned out of a bunch of them. Imaginably it is a familiar image and skin texture for her; I suppose it’s something we can only assume.

Coming upon a structure that appears as a UFO with a light pattern reminiscent of those widely observed, her attention is caught and she gestures to it eager to be taken home. This is also clear as she sings “my time has come, so take me back home”. Despite her pleas to the sky above, she goes on to try to fit into this Earthly environment. She even takes a bite from a head of lettuce before the lottery ticket dress begins to shed, and she finds her way back to the place she was originally beamed. With one final plea to the sky, she’s presumably taken home.

Lauren Rocket’s “Beam Me Up” is absolutely captivating, and its music video demands your complete attention. The track features artistic lyrics and an energetic vibe, and the video perfectly mirrors the entire narrative with out-of-this world visuals and effects. Everything comes together to produce a fascinating release that may, more than ever, cause us all to wonder what else is out there.