Words Like Wildfire released their new single “Shake The Fear” featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens and its music video via SounDrive Records. In a time when so many people feel alone, the purpose of the track is to remind you that you are not.

Coming straight off the momentum of their single “Painted Pictures” featuring Luke Snider, the band’s new single “Shake The Fear” featuring Kellin Quinn resonated directly with the newly popular global saying “we’re all in this together” with lyrics from the chorus urging “shake the fear, we’re all family here”. They set the atmosphere of the track through their invigorating and uplifting lyrics that stress the importance of working together, especially in the light of self-help and improvement.

It’s often people feel lost and out of touch with themselves, and it can be challenging to work through the trials and tribulations of everyday life by yourself. The purpose of Words Like Wildfire’s new single “Shake The Fear” is to ensure you know that you are never alone.