Los Angeles-based post-hardcore duo Loveless released their new single “Someone Else” featuring Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn. The track is a classic “I can’t sleep without you” story but turned on its head.

About the single, vocalist Julian Comeau stated:
“I initially wrote it about my high school crush. It kinda evolved into a song about any night where you’re stuck, staring at the ceiling going ‘why can’t I think of anything else, can I please stop seeing that person’s face? Can I stop thinking about that time I said that stupid thing or made a fool of myself?’”

Continuing, he stated:
“”Someone Else” is both you and the person you wish you couldn’t see, in a sense. Most our songs basically start about relationships and then turn into angst-filled songs about our anxieties taking over control.”

Julian Comeau formed Loveless with multi-instrumentalist Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail in the fall of 2019. Their focus on aggressively catchy vocals with hard-hitting instruments balances out into the perfect blend of pop and rock. Having reached over 25,000 streams in just one month with their debut single “Better”, the duo aims to continue that push as they have released a string of new singles destined to get stuck in your head.

Loveless is currently at work on a full-length album.

Photo Credit: Natalie Lugo