Electro-rock band LOWBORN released their new single “The Grave” and its grim music video. Haunted by a familiar ghost in the video, the track explores the jarring feeling of running into someone you left behind when you could no longer help them.

About the single, vocalist Wes Lauterbach stated:
“It’s about removing yourself from someone’s life, someone you love but couldn’t keep watching them go down the dark path they were going down. I was watching a friend just make choice after choice that kept pitting them against themselves until I finally couldn’t watch anymore. At some point in the story of these things in life, all you can do is walk away and pray or send good vibes or whatever it is you do. The downside is now you just kinda see them around wherever you go. You let them go so you didn’t have to help them dig their own grave and it’s like seeing a zombie or a ghost. Always jarring and concerning feeling because you’re still concerned for them.”

Burning bridges to free yourself of a toxic situation can sometimes be easier than anticipated. Light the match and turn your back, leaving your past behind. What will you do when your past, and those you left behind there, learn to swim?

Escaping demons is something LOWBORN have been continuously uninterested in. Instead, they put them under a microscope and examine each sinister thought and dim feeling, carefully placing them throughout each creation.