Metallic hardcore band Matriarchs released the music video for their new single “Sleep” off of their upcoming record ‘Year Of The Rat’, due out October 16th via Upstate Records/Blood Blast Distribution. The video, directed/animated by Cameron Burns, conjures an eerie visual portrayal for the track.

About the single and video, vocalist K Enagonio stated:
“I’ve always had this recurring nightmare about a shadowy demonic figure looming over me while I’m sleeping. This coupled with the countless stories I’ve heard about sleep paralysis and the crippling effects it has on peoples’ mental health over time inspired the lyrics for our song Sleep. The end of the video and the song is extremely dark and it’s a reflection of what can happen if we let our mental illnesses get the better of us.”

The band delivers an edgy, hard hitting emotional package that cuts right to the bone with their new single “Sleep”.  Fighting back the proverbial demons that plague one’s personal consciousness, the track depicts the struggle to fight back and suppress the temptation to succumb to the inner voices telling you to “sleep”.

Mental health is fragile. You are not alone. Please reach out if you need help. You have a network of support.

For more help:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Matriarchs formed originally in 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Starting out as studio project by founding member Ben Levi, they have established themselves as recognizable name in the metal/hardcore community.

Drawing inspiration from their affinity for modern European Beat Down and 90s New York metallic hardcore, the band assembled a team of veteran metal and hardcore musicians to release their first studio release ‘Scandalous Jointz’ on Eulogy Records in 2015. Produced by Nick Jett of Terror and mastered by Matt Hyde (Lionheart/Hatebreed/Deftones), the sonic ferocity and energizing success of ‘Scandalous Jointz’ immediately brought them to the national touring level and ultimately sharing the stage with such acts as Soulfly, Harm’s Way, Disgrace, Bane, Backtrack, Sworn Enemy, and Vision Of Disorder.

After a brief hiatus in 2018 to reflect on the future strategy of the band, the band went for an overhaul, parted with ways with Richard Barthel, and recruited vocalist K Enagonio and guitarist Carlos Pagan to complete their new studio full-length release ‘Year Of The Rat’.

Looking to take their release to the next level, they teamed up with Upstate Records and Blood Blast Distribution (Nuclear Blast) to set ‘Year Of The Rat’ on maximum overdrive.

The new Matriarchs album ‘Year Of The Rat’ will hit the streets October 16th, 2020.

Photo Credit: Danny Palacios