​Columbus, Ohio-based emo project A Tiger Made of Lightning, created by sole member Mike O’Leary, released his new single “Exhausted” along with its music video. The track is about learning to put energy toward caring for ourselves and others despite how overwhelming the world can be right now. All profits will go to LSS CHOICES in support of survivors of intimate partner domestic violence.

Stream “Exhausted” Here: https://linktr.ee/atigermadeoflightning

About the single, Mike O’Leary stated:
“This song is about *gestures broadly at the current state of the world* and how overwhelming it can be for anyone paying attention. It’s way too easy to feel discouraged and hopeless right now. The song is about accepting those feelings and slowing down enough to learn how to differentiate between what we can and can’t control, and then putting that energy toward taking care of ourselves and each other.”

A Tiger Made of Lightning is a concept that started out as an emo side project of its sole member Mike O’Leary, but it became his main focus after he left the band We Are The Movies after having been in the band for six years.

The single “Exhausted” was recorded and produced by Will Carlson at Will Carlson Audio, and the video was shot and directed by Chris Donnelly. 100% of the profits from the track will go to LSS CHOICES, which provides shelter, support, counseling, and legal help for survivors of intimate partner domestic violence.

For more information on LSS CHOICES: https://lssnetworkofhope.org/choices/