​New Jersey singer-songwriter Shawn Tyler released his new single “Falling For You” as well as its accompanying music video. With a personal story as its inspiration, this fun track features a catchy chorus and a feel-good vibe while the video is heartwarming to watch and is sure to make you smile.

About the new single and video, Shawn Tyler stated:
“I wanted to make a fun pop song that people could sing and dance to. I’ve been looking to put out a “generic” pop rock song that people love now a days but put my own twist on it. I have my own style and vibe that’s different from other artists, and I always try to have catchy anthem-like choruses in my songs. When I was writing this, I felt like it was perfect to write about falling in love with my wife and all of the fun times we have together. We share this mutual weirdness that is like no other, and she’s my best friend. She has a white sundress with sunflowers on it, which is my favorite dress of hers. She always looks absolutely stunning in it. The first time I saw her in the dress, she put it on and started doing this silly dance in the living room, and she just looked beautiful being herself and having fun. This is how I came up with the chorus for the song; it’s about me falling for her and having this level of comfortability that I haven’t had with anyone else. I hope when people hear this they turn it up and sing along in the car, sing in the shower or dance around while getting ready for the day.”

Describing his music and influences, he stated:
“I’ve dealt with anxiety from a young age and have always used music as an escape. Playing guitar and singing has always been a safe haven for me, a coping mechanism. I write music about things I have experienced personally, and situations that I have seen take place. I’ve also been dealing with chronic pain since I was about 19 years old. I have several herniated discs in my back and have had quite a few back surgeries that have left me feeling hopeless and in a state of despair. Music has always been there and has helped me get through the toughest times. I hope my music can help those in any situation in life feel some hope or relate in some sort of way. For me, it’s all about pouring my emotion into song, and if I can have an impact on just one person, it makes what I do that much better.”

Shawn Tyler is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey who gives a creative twist on the pop rock scene and brings raw emotion from an acoustic past while adding a dynamic hip-hop influence in many of his songs. You can hear the raw emotion from his music ranging from love to loss in all of his songs, and you will surely get hooked to the anthem choruses in previous singles “Magic”, “Visions”, and “Summer Nights” as well as his new track “Falling For You”.