​Infectious alternative band Far’N’Hate released their vigorous new single “Prison Of Self” and its compelling music video. Bleeding both passion and energy, the song showcases a formidable and cohesive blend and mixture of melody and intensity, which are absorbed in every aspect of the track’s essence.

About the single, the band stated:
“As an artist, the creative process and the raw, unfiltered expression of what resonates inside of you, can become a two-edged sword. Realizing you’re being shaped and controlled by thoughts and beliefs you can barely understand at first sight, usually reveals barriers and fears you’re living by. “Prison Of Self” unfolds this journey in which you confront your own demons, trying to liberate your being from those fears. This song was meant to be the first single off a new album, but we feel the time to release it is now. In a moment of such instability, change and transition like the one we’re living in, realizing that fear and uncertainty are things we can fight back and overcome is one of our best weapons as society not to lose our focus.”

With a continuously unfolding, unpredictable edge, “Prison Of Self” is capable of clearly showcasing its sincere essence through its soul-searching and thought-provoking nature by concentrating on providing a dynamic atmosphere, mainly supported by the track’s genuine melodic approach and climactic sing-along chorus explosions, which surely should only allure the music world to the band’s unique profile.