​Perth metalcore band Patient Sixty-Seven released their emotional new single “Antithesis” featuring Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker as well as its accompanying music video via InVogue Records. The track serves as the lead single off of their upcoming label debut, a deluxe version of their EP ‘Home Truths’.

Stream: https://orcd.co/p67antithesis

About the track and the challenges of writing it, vocalist Tom Kiely stated:
“Antithesis was a tough song to write… it signifies the difficulty in having someone you care for deeply go through a battle with addiction and trauma. It’s wrestling back and forth between your own duty of care, blind love for that person, and recognizing the toll it’s taken on both them and yourself – ultimately leading to an inability to comprehend how to free oneself.”

Continuing, he stated:
“I’m so thankful with how it came out; it’s a bit of a different side for our band and we hope people can connect with it and enjoy something new from us. We were lucky enough to team up with Rory [Rodriguez] who really is one of my favorite musicians around and he just made it all mean that much more… it’s a heartfelt song and he really helped in bringing it all together.”

The new single “Antithesis” sees the band teaming up with Dayseeker vocalist Rory Rodriguez, who provides a juxtaposition in the bridge of the song further displaying the band’s dynamic playing style and their willingness to push the boundaries of the metalcore genre. The accompanying video, shot by Ryan Mathew Botha and edited by Justin Dahl, also spotlights the song’s emotional nature.

Patient Sixty-Seven also announced the deluxe edition of their EP ‘Home Truths’ will be released on February 12th via InVogue Records.

Photo Credit: Elliot Charleston