​Boston/Long Island pop-punk band Quiet Like A Thief released their heartfelt new single “Window Pain”. The powerful and heart-on-sleeve new track is the second single off their upcoming as-of-yet untitled debut EP, set for release in spring.

About the single, the band stated:
“We’re lucky enough to have this kind of friendship, where lyrics are formed based on talks we’ve had. The meaning behind “Window Pain” is although we were groomed to follow the outdated vision that our parents did (high school, college, marriage, kids), in the current day and age we’re living in, it’s just not realistic for a lot of people, and that’s PERFECTLY okay.”

Quiet Like A Thief was born from the brains of Alex Kouvaris and Ryan Sweeney, whose friendship and musical chemistry is the beating heart of the band. With myriad tours and notable support slots from their times together in previous bands, Quiet Like A Thief is the melting pot in which the two young men have honed both their experience and musical insight.

Following on from December’s “LAK”, a heart-wrenching tribute to Kouvaris’ father, who passed away from COVID-19 months prior, “Window Pain” is a track drenched in honesty, a nostalgic yet strikingly modern delivery of emotive pop-punk.

Big hooks, heart-on-sleeve lyricism, cascading and beautifully presented melodic rock production adorns the band’s upcoming debut EP, set for release in spring. With the experience of Four Year Strong’s Alan Day behind the controls, Quiet Like A Thief are a prospect brimming with potential.