​Cleveland rock band Along Came A Spider released their emotional new single “Invisible Disease” and its compelling music video. Inspired by the band’s pain of watching their guitarist Luke Fockler battle Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the release is a prime example of taking an adverse situation and making it positive for others.

About the single, vocalist Jamie Miller stated:
“This song is personal to us, but we wanted the video to be meaningful to everyone else.”

About their guitarist’s battle and telling the story, bassist John Calo stated:
“Luke originally didn’t want to tell us, but we knew something was wrong. Even now, he doesn’t want any extra attention, but this was a significant enough chapter in our story that it HAD to be told.”

Continuing about their guitarist’s personal battle, keyboardist Joel Sedlak stated:
“It was devastating to watch our brother and bandmate go through chemo, but we knew he was stubborn and would get right back through it.”

About the wider meaning behind the single, drummer Tony Castillo stated:
“There’s a lot of un-seen diseases and mental health issues that don’t get the proper attention within the music industry. We just wanted to let people know; they’re not alone.”

Fitting the heavy lyrics to a visual, the new release “Invisible Disease” recruits many of the band’s friends to also lay bare their personal afflictions. The band’s bassist John Calo compiled the fan-filmed clips and edited the video himself.

Touring several years behind their 2014 album ‘Resurgence”, the Cleveland-based outfit took time away from the limelight to write the follow-up. After recording the upcoming full-length with producer Evan McKeever, the band seemed ready to burst back with a modern rock sound. In fact, the very night they signed a contract with Nicholas Mishko’s 10 & 8 Management is when the news broke.

On a positive note, the band’s guitarist Luke Fockler has been in remission for over a year.

Along Came A Spider’s new single “Invisible Disease” is now available on all platforms.