​Perth metalcore band Patient Sixty-Seven released their new album ‘Home Truths (Deluxe)’ via InVogue Records. Their vocalist Tom Kiely recently took the time to answer a few of my questions regarding the album, its guest features (Kellin Quinn/Rory Rodriguez/Outline In Color), mental health, metalcore, and more.

The record ‘Home Truths (Deluxe)’ includes the tracks from the band’s ‘Home Truths’ EP (released in February 2020), instrumental versions of those songs, a couple reimagined tracks, a couple stand-alone singles that have already been released, and one brand new single. This stacked culmination of the band’s work over the past few years is a beautiful masterpiece and it just happens to feature Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker, and Outline In Color.

The brand new track “Antisocial” features Outline In Color and is really fun and bouncy yet heavy cover of the Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott song. The collaboration between the two bands had been teased on social media for some time and now the hidden gem has been unleashed and does not disappoint. Oh, and just to top it off, the track has been added to five editorial Spotify playlists including New Metal Tracks, Metal Covers, Homegrown & Heavy, New Core, and New Blood.

Stream: https://orcd.co/hometruths
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0iS73etmnei3KxCNkPaMTp

All questions were answered by Tom Kiely, vocalist of Patient Sixty-Seven.

Q: Since you speak of metal health awareness on social media, let’s take a moment to start there. The past year has hit many of us harder than life usually does – feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, etc. – so what advice would you give others when they are struggling to keep pushing forward?

A: I think Tiffany, the thing I’d say to people is to just stay focused on the things they enjoy doing. Take time for themselves but within that time making an effort to try and engage in things that bring you joy. It’s easier said than done no doubt, that’s why I’m constantly talking on it, it’s not easy. But it’s about finding that sweet spot of being comfortable with yourself, relaxing but also taking the time to try and push yourself too. It’s also super super important to reach out and ask for help if you need it. Talk to those close to you or a professional if needed too. You’re not weak, it’s one of the strongest things you can do.

Q: Patient Sixty-Seven have certainly been picking up more and more momentum. Being nearly exactly one year following the release of your ‘Home Truths’ EP, what does releasing the album ‘Home Truths (Deluxe)’ mean to you and the band?

A: It means everything. It just gives us a chance to get these songs out into the world and have people possibly connect with them, it’s truly unreal! These songs just surmise everything about our band, the different parts and pieces that make us Patient Sixty-Seven. I’m happy some of the singles we’ve released have also found a home onto this ‘album’!

Q: From writing the ‘Home Truths’ EP with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens to having him featured on “Where To From Here (Reimagined)”, how does it feel to have that come full circle – plus having him interacting with the band on social media? How did the idea for that feature come about, was it thought of as you were originally writing the EP?

A: Yeah for sure, it’s been unreal – working with Kellin as a writer and then directly having him on the song. It was more than we could have asked for! Yes – it was kicked around when writing the reimagined version. It just clicked and made too much sense. Luckily, Kellin was down and it came out as well as we could’ve hoped!

Q: Kellin’s not the only feature on the new album ‘Home Truth (Deluxe)’ though. Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker is on the recently released single “Antithesis”. What did you think when you first heard his vocals on the track, and would you mind telling me about the inspiration behind the lyrics?

A: I was just floored, haha. Because he’d written his own part, I didn’t really know what to expect. So when he sent his lyrics and part for Antithesis, it just blew me away! We’re so lucky we got to work with Rory. He’s an incredible vocalist and truthfully probably the next big frontman in our scene, he’s really that good.

The song itself is primarily about the push and pull of a relationship focused on addiction and the trauma that comes with navigating that sort of environment. I can’t say it’s a personal experience, it sort of evolved past my own intention for the song into wanting to speak on how trapped people can feel. They want to walk away because it’s hurting them, the person on the other end is hurting themselves, addiction is really hard. But they don’t want to leave, they can’t leave…they love them far too much. I guess I just wanted to capture some of that anguish.

Q: There’s one more feature and it’s one you have been teasing on social media, especially Twitter, for quite some time now – the greatly anticipated track featuring Outline In Color, which is titled “Antisocial”. Would you mind telling me a bit about the song – what it means to you and how it came to be that Outline In Color feature on it?

A: For sure. That song is definitely a zig with most of Home Truths Deluxe being a zag in the other direction. This collaboration was done for fun, covering a really sick Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott track. We wanted a fun, heavy, catchy song people could throw on – vibe out to and forget their troubles.

Outline are a band we love, they’ve done so much for this scene. I’ve personally listened to them for 10 years or so at this point, and it was just the perfect opportunity to link up and do something special with them, for our supporters but also for us as a band!!

Q: Something that I found interesting is that you included instrumental versions of the tracks from the ‘Home Truths’ EP on the album. Is there any particular reason you wanted to do so?

A: Yeah – they were included to kind of give something back to our friends who have already heard the songs. Hopefully they can put them on during a drive, a workout, and hear the songs in a different way without my yelling over the top of it, haha. We also have some cool stuff planned in the way of a cover submission contest too!

Q: Now that the album has been released, what is next for Patient Sixty-Seven? Have you been writing new material, or is there anything else coming up on the horizon that you’re able to tease?

A: We have new stuff in the pipeline. We’d love to get the chance to push this record for a while, and we’ll have some regular updates along the way. New merch, some new video stuff – we don’t stay quiet for long!

Q: Since we’re all dreaming of the days of shows and tours returning, think you guys could hop on a tour with Sleeping With Sirens, Dayseeker, or Outline In Colour? Just saying, I think it’d be amazing. In that vein, what would be your ultimate dream band or bands to tour with?

A: Wow! That sounds AMAZING Tiffany, count me in!! I’d personally love to tour with Sirens, Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men and Memphis May Fire!

Q: Considering on your Twitter you have a heart made of little hearts with the word metalcore in the center, who are some underground or not-so-well-known metalcore bands that we shouldn’t be sleeping on? And what metalcore bands made you fall in love with the genre from the beginning? Was there a specific band or vocalist, maybe even a specific album or song, that solidified that love?

A: Some of my favourite up and coming metalcore bands right now:

Neon Graves
Saving Vice
Sink With Me
Hotel Graffiti
Infinite Illusion
Devil in the Details
Call it Home

And a bunch more, but that’s a great group to start with off top!

And the band that made me fall in love with metalcore was Bring Me The Horizon and their first two records, along with Stand Up And Scream from Asking Alexandria! Just the energy, the stage presence. I couldn’t get enough. Heck, I still can’t!!

Q: To finish things up, as fans are listening through the ‘Home Truths (Deluxe)’ album, what do you hope they gain from it?

A: Honestly Tiffany, I just want people to enjoy listening to it – and maybe they feel something while doing so! That’s what I love about music, is the way it can help evoke and draw out different emotions from us. If ANYONE gets that while jamming us, I couldn’t be asking for anything more!!