​San Antonio, Texas-based artist Empty Heaven is premiering the new single “The Thing” and its visual, which was animated by Dawn Lorence. Additionally, a few questions about the release and more were answered in a rather unique way – handwritten. The track is the followup to the spoken word single “Ozzy” that released earlier this month, and there is more to be expected this year.

Stream: https://open.spotify.com/track/74GGVIJKe2xUbD6slHn3I9

About the track, Empty Heaven stated:
“Deleuze and Guattari have written pages and pages about capitalism being more than an economic structure; if we are to believe their writings, capitalism has all of the properties of an AI, a decision-making, sentient being. In quotidien thinking, it’s not a far stretch to think of it as a movie monster, shapeshifting into whatever it needs to be, and constantly leaving you behind…or subsuming you. “The Thing” imagines capitalism in all kinds of ways, and almost none of those ways are pleasant. It is The Thing in Itself, and however you perceive it stops mattering. It just is, and it will do as it does.”

Q: When somebody asks you about the music you produce as Empty Heaven, how do you respond?

Q: Everyone know that not every song gets the same treatment as the rest. What makes this track special?

Q: What do you hope people gain from hearing your music?

Q: You’re on a roll with singles lately. The one before today’s premiere, “Ozzy,” came out earlier this month. Do you find this release strategy to be more beneficial than, say, releasing an EP or album?

Q: Speaking of releases, what can we expect in the coming months?