​Portland metal band Dead Crown released their new single “Pale Horse” and its music video. The aggressive track pulls zero punches and puts an unapologetic message out there for all to witness. In its simplest form, the song is about hating everyone.

About the single, vocalist Kenny Johns stated:
“Pale Horse is a reflection of the world as we see it. Society as a whole is going through an era of chaos that is leading us along a downward spiral with no end in sight. Pale Horse represents the apocalypse. Our hate for the current state of the world is powerful, it’s growing… this song represents that hate.”

In the music video, the intensity of the track is augmented by the fact that drummer Bryton Wilson and guitarist Eric Gemme bear no instruments and instead, surround Johns as he delivers his vocal assault.

Formed by members of some of Portland’s top local and regional acts, Dead Crown have set out on a new mission to deliver some of the heaviest, captivating performances in the scene. Starting from a house show, they have since gone on six successful tours, and released four music videos. Their debut EP ‘Come Hell’ received Billboard success as an independent release and has been highly revered among fans across the world.

Shortly after that success, the band went on to sign a record deal with Modern Empire and release music videos for the singles “Family” and “Twenty Four”. The tracks alluded to what would be a crushing, heavyweight sophomore EP ‘Crucify Me’ that placed the band on Billboard for a second time.

Photo Credit: James Walker