The music technology company VNUE’s innovative platform is helping musicians generate new revenue instantly with livestreams. The platform monetizes audio and is designed to integrate with live streaming platforms and applications.

About how can add value to livestreams, VNUE CEO and Chairman Zach Bair stated:
“ allows artists to capture the actual audio being performed in a stream – during the stream – which can then be immediately uploaded and offered to fans. Our platform has the flexibility to allow for immediate release, or editing and release at a later time if an artist chooses. The proprietary capture process sends high quality audio to our servers in ‘chunks’ while the recording is taking place, allowing fans to access the content literally two minutes after a show. Our model for DIY artists is based on a small revenue share from transactions, and the platform has built-in functionality for artists to include charitable giving or donations right from a dedicated artist portal.”

As the live music and entertainment industries continue to grapple with the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic, artists, bands and musicians have come to rely on live streaming platforms, services, and apps to connect with their fans and to generate (or replace) lost revenues. Many of the popular live streaming platforms do not have built-in monetization features. With this being the case, artists are turning to the “tip jar” model via third-party payment solutions such as Venmo and PayPal to engage fans in commerce. In addition to tip jars, virtual ticketing platforms have emerged as a means for artists to include a fee for access to their live performance. However, there are no platforms dedicated to specifically monetizing the live audio gleaned from these streaming performances – except one: VNUE’s (OTC: VNUE) is a tested and respected platform for live streaming, audio recording, fan engagement, and monetization that VNUE has utilized for such major artists as Rob Thomas, the Vans Warped Tour, Patty Smyth and Scandal, and many others. Leveraging years of experience in live recording, live streaming, and content distribution, enables artists to capture high-quality audio generated from a livestream performance, and monetize the content in a simple and elegant way. The ease of use for both artist and fan makes a standout in the ever-expanding space for the monetization of live music.

The platform allows artists to upload and sell virtual performances from a main hub (web or iOS) which comes complete with plugins for many popular DAW’s on the market including Logic, Reaper, and Garageband, to enable direct live recording and mixing. Artists can run in total DIY fashion or utilize the services and resources of VNUE’s recording, engineering, tech, and marketing teams.

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