​Ohio-based band Morning In May released their new single “Orpheus In Retrospect” featuring Craig Mabbitt (Escape The Fate/The Dead Rabbitts) along with its lyric video. The electrifying track features contrast between venomous screams and bright vocals, a bold chorus, and a solid blend of electronics and energy.

About having Craig Mabbitt feature on the single, vocalist Jake Bartolic stated:
“Some things you do in this business really show your progression as an artist. Somethings happen that make you reflect on how far you’ve come and working with Craig is definitely one of those times and we are really excited to have him feature on our new single.”

Morning In May find themselves at the forefront of reinventing 2007’s emo. Known for descriptive lyrics that bring their songs to life in a cinematic way, the band puts on theatrically driven performances. They have toured on Warped Tour ’18 and alongside bands such as Hawthorne Heights, Underoath, and August Burns Red.

Early in 2020, the band released a music video for “Everybody’s Innocent Here, Don’t You Know That?”, the leading single off of their EP ‘Somewhere In Slumber’. The song’s title refers to the movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, and they shot the video for the track at The Ohio State Reformatory, where the film had been made.

Without being able to tour in support of their EP ‘Somewhere In Slumber’ since its release on February 21st, they have channeled their creative energy elsewhere. They released their teeth-gritty, breathy cover of Halsey’s “Without Me”, which is sitting at over 18,000 streams on Spotify.

Morning In May continue to navigate their way through an unconventional year in music. With a line-up change, now guitarist Mike Dulay and bassist Zack Orr (formerly of Alteras) join vocalist Jake Bartolic to complete the band. You can expect to see and hear more from the trio as the year goes on.