​Dayton, Ohio band The Story Changes (Mark McMillon and Christopher Popadak of Hawthorne Heights and Chris Serafini of The Stereo) released their new single “The Longest Year” via Magnaphone Records. While lyrically diving into conquering your own anxiety and navigating depression during these uncertain times, the track is a blast of moody adrenaline, supplying a gritty edge in all the right places.

Stream: https://smarturl.it/tsc-thelongestyear

Throughout the new track, vocalist/guitarist Mark McMillion’s voice elevates from soothing to screaming while drummer Christopher Popadek and bassist Chris Serafini hold it all together winding their way throughout with the song’s memorable riff. Their longtime friend Jamie Woolford (Gin Blossoms/The Smoking Popes/Punchline) mixed the track.

While spending the largest part of 2020 off the road and at home in quarantine, the band began work on a new batch of songs to follow up their 2019 album ‘To Hell With This Delicate Equation’. They utilized file trading remotely to record their individual parts safely.