Something Else is a band from Columbus, Ohio, and they describe the music they play as introspective post-pop. Starting out as an acoustic duo that formed between two friends on a front porch, the addition of a bassist and a drummer allowed them to evolve to become something much more. Their music is beautifully emotional with lyrics that are heartfelt and captivating. The band released a music video for their song “The Fool” a few days ago and their ‘Something Else’ EP was just released on January 4th, 2019. These guys are something special so check them out and keep them on your radar.


Q: You guys are releasing an EP on January 4th, 2019. How would you describe the sound and feel of it? What else would you like everyone to know about the new EP?

A: We made the decision to release the EP on the first of the year. We wanted to give fans a chance to learn the words to the songs in preparation for our release show on January 4th.

Q: Where is the ‘Something Else’ EP going to be available? Where can we get a physical copy?

A: The EP is available for streaming on all major platforms (ie. Spotify, Apple Music) and we have physical copies available at shows.

Q: What is your favorite song from the new EP and why?

A: As a band, we really enjoy playing Nobody Has to Know, because of the demanding groove. It’s a chance for us all to shake our ass a bit.

Q: You recently shared the song called “The Fool” off of the ‘Something Else’ EP as well as a video for it. What is the inspiration and story behind the song?

A: The melody and opening lyrics came to me one morning after a night of questionable behavior. I didn’t feel like the memories (that I could remember), were actually me; I felt foolish and obnoxious so I wrote about that. (Aidan)

Q: What bands and artists are your biggest inspirations?

A: My Chemical Romance, The 1975, Michael Jackson, Green Day, The Strokes, it’s quite a long list.

Q: If Something Else had a dream tour opportunity, what other bands would be on the tour?

A: Well, for our dream tour you can refer back to the previous question. But we have some great friends here in Columbus we’d love to tour with like 90’s Kids, Tango Moms, and Zoo Trippin.

Q: Since it is the beginning of a new year, what is your #1 memory of Something Else from 2018?

A: Bringing Dooley into the band, he was the missing piece that rounded us out. Turns out he was hiding in the dumpster out back the entire time.

Q: Are there any upcoming shows that Something Else will be playing? Any touring plans for 2019?

A: The one thing we can mention is an acoustic show on February 2nd at The Shrunken Head in Columbus, OH. We haven’t had this opportunity as a full band before, so we’re excited about it. Other than that you’ll have to wait and see.