The pop-punk band Victory Lane released their new single “Happy Sad” and its accompanying video. The song is off of their debut EP ‘Barebones’, which was released July 26th via Standby Records.

About the single and video, vocalist Dan Lamb stated:
“Happy Sad is a song about finding solace in feeling happy whilst ultimately accepting you also must be sad, I wrote the song from the perspective of a third party seeing me cope with my moods during taking anti-depressants. Eventually I came to realise that living in a limbo state of happiness and sadness was not natural and I gradually took myself off of them and began to deal with my natural state. The video encapsulated this perfectly, from the third person in a trippy dream-like corridor which linked the happy, the sad and happy-sad rooms. As the video goes on, you see myself explore the happy and sad rooms as though I’m looking into my own mind and also seeing myself on the effects of the medication. Then at the end of the “happy-sad room” I realise I need both of those feelings to feel at peace with myself. At first, I’m frightened at the change but then come to realise that the in-between is normality and I accept my feelings.”

Victory Lane is a pop-punk band hailing from Birmingham and London. The band has worked hard to build a devoted following across the United Kingdom. They have toured relentlessly since releasing their first EP ‘Louder Than Words’ and have performed alongside and toured with the likes of WSTR, For The Win, Woes, In Her Own Words, and Homebound. Their EP ‘Barebones’ was recorded with Romesh Dodangoda at Longwave Studios (Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco, Trash Boat) and was released via Standby Records.