The emo metal band Morning In May released their debut single “At Least I Still Have My Personality” as well as its lyric video via Needful Things Records. The song tells a tale of an existential crisis about a man at war with himself.

The single deals with controversial topics of wrestling with self-hatred, a problem most of us have dealt with at one point or another. Self-loathing makes us feel like we’re drowning in a never ending abyss of hopelessness. In the theatrical and emotive track, the band tries to capture the feeling of epiphany, the moment you lose all hope and accept the situation. The feeling of euphoria that pulses through your body when you come to terms with yourself is the driving force behind the band.

Morning In May is the dire vocalization of our inner psyche and a band set on a peculiar approach to navigating oneself with controversial lyrical value, conditioning emotions, and existential stimuli. They have worked with a list of heavy hitters, including putting out early workings featuring vocalist Garret Rapp of The Color Morale and writing closely with Justin Marrow (Ice Nine Kills, Motionless in White). They are no strangers to putting in the work with consistent touring and recording, which has landed the band spots on The Vans Warped Tour and at Launch Music Conference.

Extremely high energetic live shows fuel the band’s captivating reach. Whether they are swinging from the rafters or jumping off stage speakers, every foot of the stage acts as a channel for interpretive dance to further convey the trapped selves, desperately trying to escape.

Thanks to the band’s live shows and heavy hitting music, Morning in May signed with Needful Things Records (distributed by Tragic Hero Music Group through Warner ADA) in August of 2019 to begin a new chapter in their career. Their first single “At Least I Still Have My Personality” clearly expresses that the musical direction the band is taking is full of dark and theatrical twists and turns.

Photo Credit: Devon Keller