Northern California post-hardcore band Down Again released their debut album ‘The Devil Is A Gentleman’. With lyrical themes ranging from losing faith, depression, hope, and relationships, each track is also left to the listener to interpret as their own.

The record was produced and mixed by Nick Loiacono (Kingdom Of Giants/Wolf & Bear/Secret Band/Demon In Me).

About the album, the band stated:
“We have an incredible synergy amongst the three of us. This is the sort of thing that is a total trip to look back at, how a few friends can take a bunch of ideas, candid stories and put it all together in one full album to share.”

The new album ‘The Devil Is A Gentleman’ was written as an outlet for vocalist/guitarist Lenny Costa to tell a story of inner struggle and coming to grips with those closest to him slowly drifting away. The trio also includes Alex Wechter (bass) and Lucas Garcia who handles guitar for live shows and also played drums, keys, backing vocals and co-wrote lyrics with Costa.

Musically, the sound on the record pulls heavy influence from early 2000’s post hardcore favorites, which the band cites groups like Underoath, Thrice, and Brand New as their inspiration to pick up instruments and begin their own journeys. Down Again assembled an album that easily sounds like a release from a band years into their career, but it is just the beginning for these longtime friends in their early 20s who grew up skating, surfing, and going to shows together in the bay area.

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