Perth metalcore band Patient Sixty-Seven released their cover of Silverstein’s “My Heroine” and its music video, which is featured on Ghost Killer Entertainment. The track showcases their signature blend of melody and aggression, and all proceeds from the release will be donated to Beyond Blue in support of Australians suffering with anxiety and depression.

Stream the cover:

About the song choice, the band stated:
“We had this song in our minds for a while as one we wanted to cover, being that it’s such a staple and so important for our scene. Silverstein are one of the best to ever do it.”

About donating the proceeds to Beyond Blue, they stated:
“We feel music has one of the biggest roles to play for people right now, it’s as important as it’s ever been despite shows and other things looking different. Our mental health is also so immensely important right now. This is just a small way of us being able to help give back what we can, let’s keep looking after each other and checking in as having those conversations is huge.”

The cover of Silverstein’s “My Heroine” is the latest track to come from a busy 2020 for Patient Sixty-Seven, who have showed no signs in slowing down following the release of their EP ‘Home Truths’ in February and the follow-up singles “Stay Paranoid” and “Imbalance Redux”.

More info on Beyond Blue: