Cubbi is an indie-electronic artist and producer from South Africa. His two new singles “Buzzkill” and “White Lies, Like Flies” were just released on March 29th. Yes, two singles in one day. If you like what you hear, be on the lookout for his debut EP that will be released soon.

“Buzzkill” was written about someone in his life that would steal the energy out of every room, and “White Lies, Like Flies” reflects on a broken relationship.

Cubbi combines poetic lyricism and indie-electronic sounds to create a vibe that is his own. In his music, he tackles difficult and deeply personal topics such as being a queer artist, mental illness, and drug abuse. He previously released two other singles. In February, he introduced himself with his debut single “Rippling”. His second single “GTFO” came out earlier in March. Every song that he has released so far has been very personal yet still relatable. Since he writes about topics that are struggles for many people, there is a very strong likelihood that some will find comfort in his music. There is genuine honesty in the lyrics paired alongside an authentically creative sound. He is definitely on the rise.